Updated December at, 2009! Note: You will receive an updated schedule of our events when we first meet on the ship!

From Judy:

Here are our proposed activities for the cruise (subject to change or re-arranging).  I’ll be updating this page often. Also, be sure to check out the library where I’ve posted free online stories, books and scripts for you to read, to help enrich your Fangs and Fur enjoyment!

Sat, Jan 2: Miami -   Boarding ship, then: Carfax Abbey Welcome – Did you bring along a little local soil?  How about a spare swimming suit to stash in case you find yourself suddenly sans clothes after a full moon encounter.  We’re going to be ship-bound for a week, and even if you disembark, you need to know who your friends are.  So come and tell us about your favorite supernatural folk (or yourself).  Are you into flying, misting, baying at the moon or just having a bite or drink when the need strikes, we’ll try to make your sea voyage as fulfilling as possible.  Oh, and we’ll show you where the library is.  Can’t have a gothic tale or two without a few good books and a little literary atmosphere.

After Dinner – Fireside with Byron, Shelley and Polidori.  (Don’t know who they are or what they have to do with Twilight mania today? You will!) Guess who dipped their quills in blood back in those romantic times?  We’ll talk about our local tales of the supernaturals.  We’re going to be putting on our own Vamp and Wolf production at the end of the cruise, so we’ll discuss why we like cemetery stories so much and look at a little history, real and mythic, of the vampire and the werewolf and how they’ve been adopted by the great and not-so-great storytellers.  We’ll talk about what makes our supernatural selves so  chilling and popular.  Finally, it will be story telling time… a short tale to get your creative juices running… and then off to bed (or the late-night buffet!).

Sunday, Jan 3 – Our ship sails the open seas.  Open up those coffins and bring your bones and wolfish toys.  We gather to look at clips of some of our greatest films/plays – from Nosferatu and Dracula (Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella, Christopher Lee, Kiefer Sutherland, and soooo many other incarnations – you just can’t keep a good vampire down) to Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows), Angel (Buffy and Angel), Bill and Eric (True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries) and, of course, Edward Cullen (Twilight).  We’ll look at the romantic and the horrifying werewolf, including clips of the great werewolf, Lupin, from the Harry Potter series and wolves who have roamed through films from Jack Nicholas (Wolf) and Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolf Man) to Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf) and Seth Green (Buffy) and obviously many more.

We’ll discuss the vampyric and wolfish ladies and those who have been victimized or romanced by our local supernaturals.  And in case you haven’t read them, we’ll recommend some other books and films you have to see if you want to try your hand at writing one of these gems.

Night Time – Witching hour… No, it’s back to high school with Twilight.  We’ll watch vamps who can walk in the daylight and boys who can shapeshift into awesome paws and claws when their tribe is in danger.  Then we’ll put on an episode of Buffy where our local vampire stalker meets her greatest challenge, Dracula, who can’t resist matching wits with Sunnydale’s cheerleading slayer, and we’ll see what happens when our slayer’s blood is needed to keep her Angel alive.  For those who don’t like to break down these films and TV episodes, we’ll have beatsheets* and commentary to help you understand why they work so well.

Mon, Jan 4 – Shore leave at Cozumel.  For those going ashore, there are a few ancient gods at the local ruins who could be considered vampires.  If you want to go visit the sites…enjoy.  If, however, you stay on the ship, we’ll talk about reluctant heroes and heroes who are trapped by their histories or their environment.  We will look at some modern gothic vampires in Underworld and Lost Boys and Lost Boys, the Tribe.  And we’ll discuss the alliance or conflict between vampires and lycans (werewolves).  Bela Lugosi calls them the “children of the night” and can change into wolf.  Kate Beckinsale kills them and then mates one.  We’ll discuss dramatic conflict when you’re young and can potentially live forever.    We’ll talk about how good vampire films spawn more parts of the same..

Lunch or Thereabouts:  Writing Workshop for those who want to write our Shipboard Supernatural Production.  We’ll also chat with those who are working on films, books or TV shows about supernaturals.

After Dinner:  Evening with Vampires and Werewolves on TV.  We’ll look at episodes of  Being Human, the British series where a werewolf, vampire and ghost attempt to live normal lives when everyone else seems determined either to “out” them or just destroy their chances of mainstreaming with human.  We’ll also look at what make Night Stalker and X-Files work as fantasy and also “apparent reality”.

Tues, Jan 5 -  At Sea – We’ll turn our attention to True Blood, looking at the romantic triangle in fantasy/romance/mystery books and film.   We’ll contrast the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire books series by Charlaine Harris with the Alan Ball television series.  How are they alike, how do they differ, and why Ball might be making the changes in plot for the television series.  We’ll watch the pilot and at least one other significant episode.   We’ll discuss the “hero’s journey” with respect to Sookie and how it is implemented by the two creators.

Lunch: Writing Workshop for our Supernatural Production.

Evening: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — We’ll discuss J.K. Rowling’s world of magic and the Potter vampires, the Dementors.  We’ll see how sucking out one’s soul is analogous to the literary vampire’s sucking blood, and ultimately soul or spirit.  We’ll talk about some other children’s or young adult version of vampire literature.

Wed, Jan 6 – Grand Cayman.  While those who want to enjoy this wonder island go taste Rum cake and tour the local sites, we’ll look at the vampire/werewolf world of comedy.  We’ll look at Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (and Dracula, and the Wolf Man) and perhaps Love at First Bite as well as an episode of  The Addams Family.

Lunch:  Writers workshop – Supernatural Production

Evening:  Moonlight, the defunct CBS vampire mystery, The Vampire Diaries, CW’s new series based on the L.J. Smith books, The Vampire Diaries.  We will also chat about several vampire and supernatural book series, both adult and young adult and finally, we’ll look at a child’s view of our fanged friends with Bunnicula, the book and the TV special.

Thu, Jan 7 – Ocho Rios – For those going ashore, enjoy.  For those staying aboard, we’ll spend the morning with soap opera supernatural’s, Dark Shadows.  And we’ll see how this series has impacted much of the later television fare.  We’ll compare Barnabas Collins with Edward Cullin and Bill Compton, and we’ll look at how shows take sources like Turn of the Screw and turn them into their own frightening yet apparently original storylines.

Lunch:  Writers workshop – Supernatural Special Production

Fri, Jan 8 -  Anne Rice Gala – All Day.  We’ll look at Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned.  We’ll look at long term mythology when developing a supernatural series.

Evening:  Supernatural Special Production.  We’ll have either a staged reading or an actual production of what our writers have been writing all week.

Sat, Jan 9 – Miami – We leave our supernatural sea voyage and return to reality.  Those who are inspired will write the next big book, movie or TV show. Or maybe an epic poem is will be in the works.

* For you non-movie folks, beatsheets are a scene by scene breakdown of a script or a movie.

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