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Judy Burns is a well-known name in Hollywood. She has worked as a screenwriter (Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan), TV writer (Star Trek – The Tholian Web) script doctor, producer (MacGuyver), and along with Star Trek,  was a staff writer or story editor on popular series like Mission Impossible, Ironside, Magnum P.I., The Powers of Matthew Star, T.J. Hooker and others. As one of the youngest women ever to become a TV staff writer (at age 21), she has been the subject of articles in both TV Guide and Writer’s Digest.

Judy retired from television after twenty years, and was one of the first to offer online screenwriting classes and seminars and taught screenwriting online at Ithica College, UCLA and UC Riverside. Several of her students have successfully broken into the business.  Her students wrote and sold films like Trick, Under Seige II and The Mothman Prophecies.  They have also sold shows to NYPD Blue, Little Men, Comedy Central, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Disney’s Wonderful World, and have won major contests like the Nichols, the Samuel Goldwyn, the Maui Film Festival,  the Diane Thomas, The Disney Fellowship and The Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest.

Currently Judy Burns is a writer/consultant to screenwriters and studios. She is most famous for her Star Trek episode The Tholian Web and also for her rewrites on  Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan for Paramount Studios which changed the direction of the script and the film series. See her IMDB page here. Read an interview with her here. Her website is: www.writerslighthouse.com. You can email her at judyburns@aol.com.


Our 2010 Fangs and Fur Cruise has been arranged through MacEddyTravel.com, a fully licensed travel site and CLIA member (CLIA is the Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.). You can book airfare or hotels for this cruise directly from MacEddyTravel.com, or we can help you make your reservations. Call Sharon at 646-321-8504 for help coordinating your pre-and post-cruise needs. The cruise itself MUST be booked through our registration form to be a part of our group and to get our special group rate. The additional Cruise Seminar Fee must also be paid at this link. You can email us with any questions at maceddytravel@yahoo.com or by using our handy Contact Us form.


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