More important news for our cruisers!

1. I will be traveling and unavailable by phone for the next 24 hours…so if you have any problems printing out your Carnival tickets, etc., please call their 800 number at while you’re online – and they’ll walk you through getting your tickets downloaded and printed.

2. Those that are staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – a couple people have expressed interest in getting together the night before the cruise at the hotel, whether for a drink, dinner, or just to chat. If you are staying at the hotel and would like to be the “contact person” for the group of 8 or so people that will be there, please email me and let me know. What I’ll do then is email everyone that is staying there, so they know to ask for you by name when they arrive at the hotel, and can leave their room numbers for you. Judy and I will not be there – Judy is flying in the next day and I will be spending New Year’s Eve elsewhere in Florida with my family…so, one person needs to volunteer. That way everyone can connect via that person. The volunteer can then decide on a time for those staying at the hotel to meet in the lobby at a certain time, or the restaurant, etc., if they so choose.

Again, please email if you’d like to volunteer to do this, and I will then give you the names of the people that will be staying there.

3. Make sure you bring your passport! :)

Will be back in touch soon.


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