Walter Map – the first Vampire author!

Walter Map (born 1140, died c. 1208–1210)  was a medieval writer who recorded incidents of vampire-like creatures in England. So his book written in 1090, De Nugis Curialium (CourtiersTrifles), is the earliest known accounts of vampires.

De Nugis Curialium is a collection of anecdotes and trivia, containing court gossip and some real history. Some scholars have suggested that Map wrote a very early, lost Lancelot romance novel.

The original text of De Nugis Curialium was published in Latin.  One excerpt discusses a “wicked man” in Hereford who rose from the dead and wandered the streets of his village at night calling out the names of those who would die of sickness within three days. The response by bishop Gilbert Foliot was “Dig up the body and cut off the head with a spade, sprinkle it with holy water and re-inter it.”


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