True Blood Beatsheets – Season One

Click on the link above to read the True Blood, season 1 beatsheets.

True Blood Episode Guides

Judy Burns explains the use of beatsheets to study True Blood.

The origin of Dracula

The origin of Count Dracula.

William of Newburgh – the 2nd earliest Vampire author!

All about William of Newburgh and his writings.

Walter Map – the first Vampire author!

Who was Walter Map?

Dracula – The Un-Dead

Bram Stoker’s great grand-nephew Dacre Stoker pens a sequel to Dracula.

Fangs and Fur Movie Scripts

Click on the link above to read our script collection.

Varney the Vampire

Before Dracula, there was Varney the Vampire!


Carmilla, one of the first female vampire stories.

A good place to browse…

A comprehensive vampire website.

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